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Keep Your Halo Shining Bright

Welcome to Our Store

At Halo Hoodies, Casual Clothing & Accessories, buying means giving. We sell a collection of stylish items and donate the proceeds to Hanover Charities in Jamaica. This means that you can revamp your wardrobe and help other people while doing so.

All of our products are handmade-to-order in Toronto, Canada. Our products are available to customers in the USA and Canada. 

Happy shopping!

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Halo Hoodies
Emblazoned With Gold, Silver or Black Angel Wings
Customized Design

Handmade in Toronto

Contemporary Accessories
Casual Clothing Items

2-4 weeks for made-to-order delivery

How to Wash Your Halo Hoodie

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  • Wash and Dry Inside Out

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  • Use Cold Water Cycle

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  • Air Dry Out of the Sun

Hoodie Colour
Wing Style & Colour

A Hoodie Made Just for You! That Helps Those in Need!

Your HALO hoodie is custom handmade-to-order in Toronto, Canada. Please allow 2-4  weeks for delivery.

Click here if you wish to donate to people in need. Know that your help is always appreciated.